PVA Sponge Wiper

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The Polstar PVA Sponge is a water-friendly wiper created by a foaming method using the material of PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). It has

continuous open-cell structure, high absorbency, durability and good resistance to chemicals. Thanks to its characteristic properties,

the PVA sponge wiper is widely used in various industrial elds as well as in Cleanroom, such as PCB, Glass, Mirror, TV brown Tube,

Optical instrument and many others. Typical sizes are 2mm x 9”x9”, 2mm x 12” x 12”, but a block type or a roll type PVA wiper is also

available on request.


Neither u nor particle is generated.

Excellent hydrophilic material.

Excellent elasticity in wet conditions.

High absorbency.

Good chemical resistance

Open-cell structure

Antistatic function in wet


2mm (T) x 9” x 9”: 10sheets/pack, 20packs/ctn

2mm (T) x 12” x 12”: 10sheets/pack, 40packs/ctn

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