ESD Antifatigue Mats

รหัสสินค้า : STI-003MM15(45cm x 60cm)


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Polstar ESD Antifatigue Mats are suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces, where long-standing jobs are frequently required, to

reduce workers' fatigue from their jobs. Round shape rugged surface provides a nger-pressure therapy eect on feet, and the formed

smooth materials used make physical workers comfortable by helping to release the stress of the workers.

Specially designed and constructed ESD antifatigue mats not only have a good function to relieve the stress of feet and legs, but also give

a quick pathway for the static electricity charged in human body to the ground.

There are 8 dierent types of ESD antifatigue mats and 1 type of ESD antifatigue mat in Roll in our range. This classication was done by

the materials used.

Type A & E are made of conductive Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber(NBR) and soft Polyurethane(PU) sponge, Type C, D & K are made of 100%

Conductive or Static Dissipative NBR, Type N is made of 100% PU material, Type H & T are made of 100% foamed rubber and ESD

antifatigue mat in Roll is made of foamed polyvinyl chloride(PVC).

On the other hand, our ESD antifatigue mats can be classied as a normal edge shape, an interlocking design and ESD antifatigue mat in

Roll by their shapes. The normal edge shape is suitable for an individual worker while the interlocking design and the ESD antifatigue mat

in Roll are ideal for a wide area, where a certain whole place is required as "Antifatigue Zone".

The ESD antifatigue mats are also classied into 2 types by their ESD properties. Type A, E, C, D & K have conductive readings

whereas Type N, H, I, K & ESD antifatigue mat in Roll have static dissipative readings.

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